set_capacities_random_power_law(topology, capacities, capacity_unit='Mbps', alpha=1.1)[source]

Set random link capacities according to a power-law probability density function.

The probability that a capacity c_i is assigned to a link is:

p(c_i) = \frac{{c_i}^{-\alpha}}{\sum_{c_k \in C}{{c_k}^{-\alpha}}}.

Where C is the set of allowed capacity, i.e. the capacities argument

Note that this capacity assignment differs from set_capacities_random_zipf because, while in Zipf assignment the power law relationship is between the rank of a capacity and the probability of being assigned to a link, in this assignment, the power law is between the value of the capacity and the probability of being assigned to a link.

topology : Topology

The topology to which link capacities will be set

capacities : list

A list of all possible capacity values

capacity_unit : str, optional

The unit in which capacity value is expressed (e.g. Mbps, Gbps etc..)