set_buffer_sizes_constant(topology, buffer_size, buffer_unit='bytes', interfaces=None)[source]

Assign a constant buffer size to all selected interfaces

topology : Topology or DirectedTopology

The topology on which buffer sizes are applied.

buffer_size : int

The constant buffer_size to be applied to all interface

buffer_unit : string, unit

The unit of buffer sizes. Supported units are: bytes and packets

interfaces : iterable container of tuples, optional

Iterable container of selected interfaces on which buffer sizes are applied. An interface is defined by the tuple (u,v) where u is the node on which the interface is located and (u,v) is the link to which the buffer flushes.


>>> import fnss
>>> topology = fnss.Topology()
>>> topology.add_path([1, 2, 4, 5, 8])
>>> fnss.set_buffer_sizes_constant(topology, 100000, buffer_unit='bytes',     ... interfaces=[(1,2), (5,8), (4,5)])