set_buffer_sizes_bw_delay_prod(topology, buffer_unit='bytes', packet_size=1500)[source]

Assign a buffer sizes proportionally to the product of link bandwidth and average network RTT. This is a rule of thumb according to which the buffers of Internet routers are generally configured.

topology : Topology or DirectedTopology

The topology on which delays are applied.

buffer_unit : string

The unit of buffer sizes. Supported units are: bytes and packets

packet_size : int, optional

The average packet size (in bytes). It used only if packets is selected as buffer size to properly calculate buffer sizes given bandwidth and delay values.


>>> import fnss
>>> topology = fnss.erdos_renyi_topology(50, 0.2)
>>> fnss.set_capacities_constant(topology, 10, 'Mbps')
>>> fnss.set_delays_constant(topology, 2, 'ms')
>>> fnss.set_buffer_sizes_bw_delay_prod(topology)