validate_traffic_matrix(topology, traffic_matrix, validate_load=False)[source]

Validate whether a given traffic matrix and given topology are compatible.

Returns True if they are compatible, False otherwise

This validation includes validating whether the origin-destination pairs of the traffic matrix are coincide with or are a subset of the origin-destination pairs of the topology. Optionally, this function can verify if the volumes of the traffic matrix are compatible too, i.e. if at any time, no link has an utilization greater than 1.0.

topology : topology

The topology agains which the traffic matrix is validated

tm : TrafficMatrix or TrafficMatrixSequence

The traffic matrix (or sequence of) to be validated

validate_load : bool, optional

Specify whether load compatibility has to be validated or not. Default value is False

is_valid : bool

True if the topology and the traffic matrix are compatible, False otherwise