waxman_1_topology(n, alpha=0.4, beta=0.1, L=1.0, distance_unit='Km', seed=None)[source]

Return a Waxman-1 random topology.

The Waxman-1 random topology models assigns link between nodes with probability

p = \alpha*exp(-d/(\beta*L)).

where the distance d is chosen randomly in [0,L].

n : int

Number of nodes

alpha : float

Model parameter chosen in (0,1] (higher alpha increases link density)

beta : float

Model parameter chosen in (0,1] (higher beta increases difference between density of short and long links)

L : float

Maximum distance between nodes.

seed : int, optional

Seed for random number generator (default=None).

G : Topology


Each node of G has the attributes latitude and longitude. These attributes are not expressed in degrees but in distance_unit.

Each edge of G has the attribute length, which is also expressed in distance_unit.


[1]B. M. Waxman, Routing of multipoint connections. IEEE J. Select. Areas Commun. 6(9),(1988) 1617-1622.