set_delays_constant(topology, delay=1.0, delay_unit='ms', links=None)[source]

Assign a constant delay to all selected links

topology : Topology

The topology on which delays are applied.

delay : float, optional

The constant delay to be applied to all links

delay_unit : string, optional

The unit of delays. Supported units are: “us” (microseconds), “ms” (milliseconds) and “s” (seconds)

links : list, optional

List of selected links on which weights are applied. If it is None, all links are selected


>>> import fnss
>>> topology = fnss.Topology()
>>> topology.add_path([1, 2, 4, 5, 8])
>>> fnss.set_delays_constant(topology, 5.0, 'ms', links=[(1,2), (5,8), (4,5)])
>>> delay = fnss.get_delays(topology)
>>> delay[(1, 2)]